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Can I ask why you created this blog? To just hate on juggalos? I can't seem to gather what your actual job is and to why you were on tour with them, but I find it rude and offensive to just assume that every juggalo/lette is the same person. I'm not violent, unless it is absolute self defense. I'm not a slut. I'm not overweight. I'm not disgusting and I live in a very good neighborhood of no crime and you get pulled over just for not having an expensive car. I just can't comprehend this. i'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I'm just VERY confused.

I was a merch guy on the tour. That fact, I made fairly clear. (That’s not to say ALL Juggalos can’t read.)

Now to answer your question of “why?” - This blog was created as an outlet. For someone to come into the “Juggalo lifestyle” having no previous exposure to it, you can imagine how out of place they must feel. (Imagine a Juggalo at a library, or a bank cashing a pay check.) My first posts were strictly just documenting my days. As the tour went on, I realized how uninteresting and stagnant that actually was so I turned the blog into what it currently is: A over-generalization, close minded, stereo-typing and eye-opening piece of whatever you want to call it. I know full and well that you can’t pin down a whole sub-culture as one type of person, but it is funny when you do. The way I tear apart Juggalos can easily be done to any and all other sub-cultures. It just makes it a little easier when ICP fuels that fire. They know they are hated, they know they stand out, and they milk it for every fucking thing it is worth. They market themselves better than other band out there, that I can say in confidence.

Believe me, you aren’t the only person I have offended with this blog, and I’m not the only one who thinks it is funny. What you don’t know is the day in and day out bullshit I had to tolerate while on that tour, and I’m sure the Juggalos making my life hell thought they were pretty funny too; more power to ‘em, I guess. For every piece of shit that I encountered on that tour, I can easily say I met one pleasant person. But who the fuck wants to read about the pleasant people?? ICP didn’t make money by being a band that appealed to masses, they made money by being something interesting, something no one understood, something kind of… shitty. 

Now that I’m done defending myself, allow me to touch on a bit of debate. Do not try to deny that ICP has self-submitted themselves into their current public image of low life, uneducated scum. You can sit on youtube for hours looking up interviews with them that leave you only to believe that ICP, and mainly their fan base, live on their own planet. Whether that is a bad thing or not, is not up to me. If you think that ICP needs defending, then you’re missing their point. They don’t want to be defended. They want to be the outcast, they want to be hated. So don’t be surprised when someone talks shit about them on a blog, they are only fulfilling ICP’s own prophecy. 

I’m not being rude, but I’m just VERY concerned. 

People that tell me to get a real job always seem to live with their parents
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Funny how everything that people saw as UN cool now all of sudden is what everyone does (full sleeves, piercings, long hair, purple or orange hair) does that mean that touring people and people that love self expression were and always have been ahead of their time?…I think so.

It is happening…


FaceTime with my bud Dustin


FaceTime with my bud Dustin

You can always tell how close a band and crew is by watching how they sit in catering
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Someday the Hall of Fame will have a category for crew people
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Juggalo Wedding

This looks like so much fun.

I have so many problems with this happening.

Nightmares do come true. 

Nightmares do come true. Fuck.

If ICP are so good at marketing and you worked for them, do you have any idea of how much they make annually? They denied the $10 million estimate that's been floating around.

I could really only put together assumptions based off of their live performing income, which really only begins to touch on the sources bringing in revenue.

They have been releasing records (at a high volume) independently for roughly 15 years. Not to mention the number of other artists on Psychopathic Records that sell a remarkable amount of records as well. Online merchandise, festivals, Hot Topic, etc., etc., etc. 

All of this may not fall under the company of “ICP” but I think it’s safe to say that multiple people are getting multiple pieces of multiple pies. 

Just go ahead and assume that it’s a shit load of money. 

Did you/are you ever going to re-print the first bits of your 'tour diary'?

I thought about it quite a bit, however when I went back to revise them/make them readable to others, I realized that my initial entries sounded more like a conspiracy theory as opposed to me just talking mad amounts of shit. I prefer talking mad amounts of shit.

I was spending a lot of time digging into what ICP really is and how they are manipulating their fans to such a degree that they may one day trigger them to take over the world through some twisted story of a Dark Carnival; all the while believing themselves what they are preaching. I came to realize that more than likely they just have extraordinary marketing skills and have no real plan to take over the world. But who’s to say?

Hi, My best friend is a lette and she explained the whole juggalo thing to me and i thought it was a cool thing to like have a juggalo family and stuff so i was okay with whatever she'd do. like when she would paint her face and stuff i was fine with it and i actually helped her too, i even went to a gathering with her. They ONLY thing i'm concerned about is i heard this rumor that all juggalo's are Satanist and violent... Is that true? like are the icons like ICP and Dark Lotus satanist? Or does it like depend on the person? ... Now i feel kinda dumb sorry if i offended you i'm just curious >w<

I think it’s safe to say that it is by no means a commonality among Juggalos to be satanist. In fact, I would go ahead and say that most of their faith/religious views/morals (or lack there of) lie very very deeply in ICP and The Juggalo Family, themselves. Why would you need Satan when you can have Shaggy 2 Dope to tell you how it is? 

Regarding the stars of the show being Satanist, (ICP, Dark Lotus, Boondox, Twiztid, whatever other shitty fucking no talent rap group has found their way onto Psychopathic Records with the condition that they pretend to be clowns) I would assume no. I would pin them more as marketing geniuses.

As far as violence goes, allow me to state this one simple fact: The head clown’s name is fucking Violent J. 

If your only two concerns with this backwards sub-culture are Satan and violence, then you may need to do your absolute best to try and remember what happened when you (for whatever ungodly reason) actually attended The Gathering of the Juggalos. I can only hope that a few of the happenings there struck some chord of concern with you. 

I am, however, curious what your “friend” has told you about Juggalos and “the family” to make you desire to actually be a part of it. Is it the midget wrestling or your love of soda? 

I’m here to help, one Juggalo at a time.

I have amazing friends. Uhh&#8230; Family.

I have amazing friends. Uhh… Family.


Call me what you will, but I just discovered that you can send/receive messages on Tumblr. Whoops.

Someone sent me this link:

I think we can all agree on the fact that the idea of Juggalos fucking is probably one of the worst, and undoubtedly the grossest, things that could be happening in America. I’m writing a letter to my congressman to have him look into possible laws to be put in place that could stop, or at least slow down, the breeding capabilities of anyone enjoys making low-rent clown porno with their better clown half.